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Storing & serving caviar

How to store caviar - Shelf life - storing caviar

Our caviar is a raw product, freshly packed without any preservatives besides salt, so it has a limited shelf life. We recommend storing unopened tins of caviar in the coldest part of your fridge and consuming them within 1 week of delivery. Stored p

How to open a tin of caviar

You can use the handle of a spoon or a butter knife as a makeshift tin opener. Insert the tin opener (or your tool) between the lid and the tin ridge and twist away from your body so that the two parts spread open. The tins are vacuum-sealed and requ

How to eat caviar - pairing options

Caviar should be served chilled. The eggs can be kept cold by placing the tin in a bowl, nested in a larger bowl of ice. Please avoid using silver utensils, or other metals that oxidize, as it will affect the taste of our product. We recommend a trad